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Black and Brown Digital Transformation
Black and Brown Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has negatively affected Black and Brown people disproportionately vs White people.

Gold Ingots
Starting a Personal Hedge Fund

As a teen, I would often watch Lou Dobbs on TV when he worked at CNN. In the Caribbean we didn’t have much choice about what channels we could watch.

Get Started Investing With Robinhood

Growing up, everyone I knew wanted to be rich. As I got older, I started to understand the difference between being rich and being wealthy. If you win the lotto you’re rich. If you own companies, real estate, precious resources such as water, mineral mines, precious metals, or agricultural crops then you’re wealthy.

Woman Power
My Focus Over The Next Decade

Every new year people make resolutions. “I’ll start going to the gym”, or “I’ll pay off my debts”. Some people follow through and some don’t. There are various reasons for failing or succeeding and many articles and books have been written on the topic. Reflecting on the past decade provides an opportunity to plan for…

Blockchain 101

What is a Blockchain? A Blockchain is a distributed public or private ledger. A distributed ledger simply means that a record of every transaction is stored on every computer that’s apart of the Blockchain network. What’s contained on the Blockchain is the transaction ID value.

How My Digital Currency Portfolio Grew Over 1526% in 7 Months

It was December 2016 and digital currencies were all the rage. Most people’s attention was focused on Bitcoin because of it’s meteoric rise. Who can blame them, one BTC was about $887.28 USD on December 24th.