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Cloud Run on .NET Core with Cloud Firestore

When Google announced Google Cloud Run, a service for running stateless HTTP containers that are fully managed or in a GKE cluster, I was convinced that the serverless era of developing applications has arrived! As a developer, being able to write an application in the programming language of my choice is powerful.

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Configuring a CI/CD Pipeline On Google Cloud Platform

Getting Started The process for creating a CI/CD pipeline on GCP can be difficult to navigate for inexperience developers. This post will hopefully clarify the steps to get your app running on GCP using a CI/CD process. Step 1 is to create an Express app and run it locally. Next add an app.yaml file and…

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Save Money Prototyping on Google App Engine for .NET Developers

Google App Engine is one of the most powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) in the market today. It’s easy to get started, easy to scale and makes it easy to integrate with other Google Cloud products. With Google App Engine Flex, developers are able to run .NET Core apps on Google App Engine without…

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Deploying ASP.NET Core Apps on Google App Engine Flexible Environment

Most .NET developers think of Azure or AWS when considering cloud hosting. Azure, backed by Microsoft has excellent tooling and hosting options for .NET developers. AWS is an established cloud provider and the leader in the market. Many developers don’t realize that Google Cloud Platform or GCP for short, is also an excellent cloud platform…